You are currently reading the second issue of The Ghosts of Pineville! The story is almost finished and will update twice a week (every Monday and Thursday) until the story's conclusion. This 2nd episode is 80 pages, providing many, many months of uninterrupted storyline!

Along with the pages I'll be posting little thoughts about the story, the creative process, and the art below each page. These additions are something I've never included with my past webcomics, but over the years have come to believe as an important compliment to any story.

To get things rolling...this story was inspired by many things. Most I'll touch on as the story progresses, but firstly, it began from a mini comic I created last summer called The Cherished Collection of Emily VanWart, a comic told with no words so the reader could make up their own "ghost story" each and every time. Ghost stories are wicked beasts that were meant to evolve with every telling. So, what would be discovered when a ghost story's true origin was investigated? And so our story begins...

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